To install AMSIMP, you will need to utilise Python 3.7, or later. Preferably, you will also want to have an installation of either Anaconda, or Miniconda on your machine. For installation instructions, please visit Anaconda’s documentation page.

Installing from Anaconda Cloud

Before installation via this particular method, TensorFlow needs to be installed through the Python Package Index (PyPI) using the following command:

$ pip install tensorflow

AMSIMP is distributed on Anaconda Cloud and can be installed using conda:

$ conda install -c amsimp amsimp

If you run into any issues, you can either create an issue on GitHub or contact us by email.

Installing from Source

You can also install AMSIMP from the source code. First, clone the repository off of GitHub:

$ git clone && cd amsimp

You will then need to install the software requirements, you can do this via:

$ conda env create -f environment.yml && conda activate amsimp

Further information about the required dependencies can be found here:

Finally, you can the software via install:

$ python install